WLW2009: AKA LRL and OggCamp, Part 1: Travelling

Last updated: Oct. 23, 2009, 11:20 p.m.

It's arrived, after just over a year and 3 months, the promised return of LugRadio Live. This year it's a one day event on Saturday, but to fill the void the LinuxOutlaws and Ubuntu UK Podcast teams have joined forces to bring us OggCamp on the Sunday. Not wanting to show favouritism I've invented the name "Wolverhampton Linux Weekend" as a title to all the blog posts I may (or may not) write this weekend.

So far I've made it on to a train that's heading for Wolverhampton, fortunately it was running a couple of minutes late as the First train from Bath to Bristol was late as well. Thankfully Bristol is the only change on my journey, and all in all the train is much cheaper than last years plane tickets from Guernsey!!

I've got very few expectations for the weekend really, the scaled down nature of LRL is obvious from the program, but I still think the weekend should be fun. Despite being scaled back, there are still more talks I want to go to than hours in the day for LRL, we'll have to see who gets skipped this year. The one thing I'm sure about is that there will be lots of people there that I'm looking forward to seeing again. This year Katie is going as well, and having been last year I will actually have met some of the other people going. It was quite odd last year as there was only one person there that I'd actually met before and no one I really knew.

My mind is a strange thing, this morning I woke up with the LugRadio theme tune running through my head, something I haven't heard for well over a year. Another odd thing is the countdown running in my head. I watched an episode of Star Trek Deep Space Nine the other day in which Chief O'Brian asked the computer to start a countdown timer and then periodically queried the computer on how much time was left throughout the program. As a result of this every time I've looked at the time in the last 24 hours, the voice of the computer from Star Trek has told me how many hours and minutes are remaining until I arrive in Wolverhampton. Very odd.



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