USS Defiant (re-draw) Model

Last updated: Feb. 6, 2006, 11:17 p.m.

I was browsing the net some time ago looking for a piece of information quite unrelated to what I actually found. What I did find however was a superb quality selection of cardboard models. There are a range of subjects, the GameBoy Advanced Wars game is one, as well as Zelda, with some very impressive models, but the area that caught my eye was the Star Trek models.

I've always been a DS9 fan more than the others, it was the first Star Trek series I saw the whole of first time round. The defiant model looked like an interesting build so I downloaded the PDF of the parts from Ninjatoes' paper craft site and after a couple of months actually got around to printing and making it. I ended up making most of it in "revision breaks" during my first set of uni exams but it didn't seem to have a particularly detrimental effect.

The model is now featured in the hall of fame on Ninjatoes' site, if you've just come from there, here are a few additional photos of the model.


As a momentary aside, taking that last picture of the Defiant flying 'over' the camera was mind numbing in its conception, and involved holding the camera upside down if I remember correctly.



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