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Last updated: April 25, 2006, 11:41 p.m.

After watching a large part of Stargate Season 8 whilst at home over Easter, I was inspired to make a font based on the ancient writings I had seen. After a minimal amount of research on the subject of the ancient language, I have produced this font, which you are free to download. It agrees with the font displayed in the Wikipedia article on the subject, however the geometry is a little more precise I believe. I would love to tell you all how to make your own fonts, however I used a rather old copy of Corel Draw! which is an expensive proprietary application rather than a nice free one, so it's not a lot of use to people with only a vague interest (unless you can get a cheap copy from a clear-out like mine!).


A sample of the Ancient font.

These samples are roughly in Ancient, where I was unable to find the ancient word I have substituted a Latin word of the correct meaning since Ancient and Latin seem very closely related. For more information on Ancient phrases see this site (now on (Try not to be put off by the Lego figures, and the rest of it seems okay).

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