An Autumnal walk

Last updated: Oct. 14, 2007, 4:54 p.m.

It is, in my experience, a fairly rare thing to find a day with nice weather in Bath, even more difficult then to find a day with nice weather when I have an afternoon free. So I took advantage of this afternoon to go for a walk around the Bath Skyline walk. Unfortunately I ended up somewhat closer to the city than I would have liked as this meant I had a fairly long walk to get back up to the top of one of the hills upon which I live.

However, the main aim was not simply to give me some exercise, but to take some photos of the historic city of Bath. Take a look at the few favourites that I posted from the trip in my pictures section, or follow this link to the album. It was a fairly hazy sort of day today so the longer shots of the city didn't really come out as clear as I would have liked. I also found that the large number of people on the footpaths today made the squirrels more difficult to photograph. Maybe I will go at a less popular time another day.



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