Ah what blissful optimism!

Last updated: May 12, 2007, 11:49 p.m.

I've just caught a glimpse of the end of the last article I wrote on Tuesday about being finished the mouse project, and how I had plenty of projects and revision to be getting on with so I wouldn't be sitting around bored just yet. Well, it's amazing how quickly you forget these things but over the last couple of days I've realised that is actually, by definition what I should be doing, as I think it can be absolutely proven that revising = sitting around getting bored.

I've been bored silly by revision this week, it's incredibly frustrating because I can read through my notes and know what I'd have to do to solve the problems, I understand it all. I just don't know it all. This is a problem because the way my degree is examined any mass storage media (a USB drive for instance) would be able to get a good degree just because it could store and reproduce the information. It would have no concept of how any of the information was related or how to apply it to something useful but because it could remember it, clearly it has 'learned it well'.

Anyway, other than ranting here about silly memory tests, and revising I've come up with some really quite interesting designs for a colour graphics system for my Z80 project, and managed to write a fully functional character set editor for the project that outputs binary character maps suitable for storing in a ROM chip and addressing via ASCII codes! Only took about an hour to code which was quite nice. That'll be up in the project section soon. It seems that trying to revise boring stuff all the time means when I stop for a bit the creative side suddenly goes mad...



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