A kind of anti-climax

Last updated: May 8, 2007, 7:57 p.m.

The mouse project that I've been working on for about three months is finished. It seems like an age since I've not been able to think, "well, I could always get on with some mouse project." In all, I think I could call my mouse a success, it came second over all, but it was kind of disappointing to have to hand it in and know that the hardware and software are now static, apart from the slow degradation of time.

It has been a fun project, and with much more scope for tweaking and improving of designs than time allowed. I was quite disappointed however that the amount of design freedom allowed. To be more precise, the amount of assistance given, more innovation and variation would be seen in the project if there were fewer "example circuits" given, students would have to design things for themselves which would surely be a good idea?

What am I going to do now without this project to work on I hear you ask. Well as many of you will know I never have to few projects on the go, and I have some exams in a little over a week that I ought to revise for a bit, so no sitting around bored just yet...



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